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Ivan Holiday In Australia - Part 1

Ivan Djelic from Bor Serbia. A month of visiting relatives in Australia. Album no. 1, from April 25 to May 17, 2009. You can visit Ivana in…

  • Ljubomir Ilic

Jasikovo In October - Oktombar u Jasikovo 2008

October images arrive with a slight delay. I hope you will find a picture dear to you in this album as well. Octombar slike stizu sa malim…


Jasikovo In September - Septembar u Jasikovo 2008

September pictures from 2008. Some of the pictures from this month have already been uploaded earlier, check it out! Septembarske slike iz…


Jasikovo In August - Avgust u Jasikovo 2008

In August 2008, I took quite a few pictures in Jasikovo and the surrounding area. One part has already been posted on this site. Avgusta…


Australia 2009

For all those who want to get to know Australia and its landscapes. This is my attempt to show you what its landscapes really look like. Za…


Old Photos Of Jasikovo And People - Jasikovo I Jasikovcani U Starim Slikama

Old pictures about Jasikovo and people from Jasikovo. Stare slike o Jasikovu i Jasikovcanima. Jasikovcani, preslikajte svoje stare slike i…


Market Day In Homolje - Vasar u Homolju

Homoljski Vasar - Zagubica 2.08.2008. The Black Rock - 11.08.2008.


Ulladulla Holiday

Potajnica - 2.10.2008 Ulladulla odmor - 30.12.2008


Mila Christening

Milino Krstenje - 9.11.2008. Milin website. https://babyilic.blogspot.com/


New Pictures in Galery

Izgradnja Crkve Sveti Prorok Ilija. Poseta do Italije.